Wasserman Schultz
Wasserman Schultz
Photo by C. Stiles

Safe!! Or... Unsafe? Wasserman Schultz Breaks Leg Sliding Into Second Base

West Broward Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz won her personal battle against breast cancer, and in the war against the disease, she just won a purple heart. Last night in Washington, D.C., during a softball game whose proceeds went to breast cancer, Wasserman Schultz fractured her leg and sprained her ankle while sliding into second base.

A former varsity softball player, the game was Wasserman Schultz's idea. Said her press secretary, Jonathan Beeton: "She is doing well and is in good spirits, given the overwhelming success of the game, which was organized to raise money for the Young Survivors Coalition."

More than $41,000 in fact, which probably gives that All-Star game higher stakes than this one. Wasserman Schultz and her fellow members of Congress lost the game, 14-8, to a team of congressional staffers.


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