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Salon Santiago Gives Very First Haircut to 19-Year-Old With Cystic Fibrosis

Perhaps, in the spirit of altruism and giving, you've cut off some of your hair and donated to Locks of Love, the local organization that collects ponytails and the like and gives them to kids who've lost their hair.

If you have, good for you -- but have you ever donated four feet of your hair? 

Unless your name's Rapunzel, probably not.  

Nikos Doumis has lived with cystic fibrosis his whole life -- that's 19 years -- and he's never had a haircut, either. Dude's rocking some serious locks. Only today, he's having the whole thing chopped. Lopped. Whatever you want to call it -- it's gone. But instead of ending up on the floor, swept into a dustpan, Nikos is giving his extendo-follicles to the Locks of Love folks.

Nikos is having the deed done at Salon Santiago in Fort Lauderdale, a big supporter of Locks of Love and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Owner/stylist Dorry Santiago is going to hook him up with the haircut/blow-dry for free and calls Nikos "a brave young man."

A brave young man who'll probably lose a pound or two when those 48-inch-long tresses come off. Salon Santiago promises us a photo as soon as the scissors are put away, sometime this afternoon. Nikos, sounding a bit like Samson, says, "My hair has always represented my strength, and now I want to give some of that strength to another child who needs it."

Rock on, Nikos.

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