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Sanchez Goofs On CNN

While airing a Barack Obama speech last night on CNN, former South Florida anchor turned CEO lab rat Rick Sanchez interrupted the proceedings to do what he does best: Pimp the station he works for.

As Obama spoke, Sanchez popped up in picture-in-picture and said:

You're watching Barack Obama at the Jefferson Jackson Dinner in Indianapolis. This is a key primary state. And you are also watching 7 News here ... uh, I mean, CNN, tonight at 10 o'clock as we bring you this story and many others. Stay with us. We'll be right back.

Strangely, CNN didn't cut to a commercial break and as Obama kept talking, you could only imagine Sanchez' "d'oh!" back on the set. Channel 7, of course, refers to WSVN, the local Fox station where he first made his name hyping homicides and fatal car crashes.

-- I thought this was a gaffe headline on the Sun-Sentinel homepage: "Tebow helps circumcise impoverished kids in the Philippines." But it's true. The UF quarterback is getting out the snippers for the whippers.

-- On first blush, it looks like a gross overreaction by the University of Central Florida: The school fired long-time baseball coach Jay Bergman for allegedly "sexually harassing" male equipment manager Chris Rhyce. What did Bergman do? Well, he pretended to "rape" Rhyce with a baseball bat while a baseball staffer held him down on the field. Sounds like normal asshole jock hazing to me. Reprimand, sure. But termination doesn't sound justified. Since when are baseball teams supposed to be politically correct? The Pulp could change its tune on this one, though. More information will emerge, as Rhyce has claimed that Bergman had been giving him a, um, hard time for a while. If this turns out to be a pattern of, say, homophobic B.S. from the coach, then the U might be in the right.

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