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I'm so glad after Rick Sanchez left Channel 7 to go national with CNN (and MSNBC prior) that Jon Stewart has picked up the mantle of skewering Miami's favorite blowhard.

The above video from The Daily Show highlighting Sanchez's recent disaster coverage speaks for itself. Now America is getting a taste of South Florida's long-held pain.

In Rothstein news, I have heard from several sources that bankruptcy attorneys have been grilling witnesses in depositions on the whereabouts of tens of millions of dollars' worth of missing jewelry. One person who was subpoenaed told me they asked numerous questions about the whereabouts of what is believed to be a fortune in missing gems. 

"They kept asking if I knew where

all the jewelry and diamonds were," said the source.

Previously, a high-level source confirmed that Rothstein had purchased more than $20 million in jewelry from Levinson's and J.R. Dunn alone. Another source close to the case says the total value of jewelry bought by Rothstein might be double that. 

If there is a Rothstein hidden treasure, and there almost certainly is, the trail stretches from here to Morocco and beyond.

-- Don't look now, but half the old Rothstein gang is back on the charity circuit.

The lead sponsor for the upcoming Broward Heart Ball is none other than Ovy Levy, Rothstein's former pal and investor whose wealthy hotelier father, Shimon, has document ties with Israeli organized crime figures.

Levy is the "Signature Sponsor," along with his partner at Renato Watches, Daniel Mink. Rothstein also had invested some of his stolen Ponzi funds in the watch company. The Platinum sponsor is the Ed Morse Automotive Group, which includes Rothstein investors Ed and Ted Morse, the latter of whom is said to have been Rothstein's closest friend.

But wait, there's more. Sending out promotional materials on the event -- which is themed "A Night in New York" and will be held April 17 at the Westin Beach Resort -- is none other than Rothstein marketer Kip Hunter Epstein. 

Is Broward's memory that short?

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