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Satan (And/Or TMZ) Takes Reins at Sun-Sentinel

This just in: The Sun-Sentinel has been overtaken by forces of evil intent on making society more callous and stupid.

This morning our local newspaper led with the terrible story of Natasha Richardson with the headline: "Is she brain dead?"

That's just heinous. Provide coverage, sure, but don't lead with it. And don't lure people in with a ghoulish and unseemly question like that. That headline has now been replaced with the equally classless and voyeuristic "Natasha Richardson: Rumor Mill Round-Up." It's an aggregation of Richardson stories and rumors rounded up by former Sentinel film critic Phoebe Flowers. We lamented the fact that Phoebe was removed as the movie writer in 2007 -- and I'm quite certain her talents are being wasted in this top-down endeavor.  

Earl Maucker, please right this ship.

The Richardson story has now been bumped from the lede on the website, though, by the equally important South Florida story: "Is Yankees slugger kissing himself in magazine?"

That's accompanied by a giant photo of A-Rod clearly not kissing himself, but getting extremely close to his reflection. A smaller headline reads: "A-Rod photo shoot stirs controversy." Under the headline is a link to: "What's Your Take? Talk About It!"

Really? That's what you want your readers to be talking about? You don't have any stories produced by your staff worth putting up there in place of that dreck? Earl, is your new mission to make South Florida even dumber and more clueless? 

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