Satz Must Act Now On Deerfield

So rumors are out there about the State Attorney's Office investigation of Deerfield Beach Mayor Al Capellini. Word is that an FDLE probe of his political nemesis and challenger for the mayor's chair, Commissioner Steve Gonot, has also been forwarded to the State Attorney's Office for a decision.

The truth is that both men could be in handcuffs before the March election. And no matter what the outcome of the criminal cases, the cloud hanging over the city must be lifted. The future of Deerfield hangs in the balance. You simply can't have a decent election under these conditions. Voters need to know what the score is and they should know it very soon. I think that may be one thing -- the only thing -- that everyone on the city would agree with. 

Note to Michael Satz: Clean up Deerfield Beach. And do it now. 

UPDATE: Extraordinary: After writing up this post, I got a message from State Attorney's Office spokesman Ron Ishoy, who tells me "something is probably happening today" on Deerfield. More later.

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