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Say It Ain't So, Joe

On the air Wednesday morning, NBC-6 sports anchor and Miami Dolphins color commentator Joe Rose commentated on, um, color -- and what he said wasn't pretty.

When a caller mentioned something about the difference between light-skinned and darker-skinned black women on Rose's morning drive radio show on 790 The Ticket, Rose intoned that he preferred lighter-skinned black women, whom he termed "redbones," than darker-skinned black women, or "chocolates." And then he added that it is his understanding that most black men feel the same way.

Now, this is breaking as I write this, but Coral Gables attorney Jack Thompson, who gained national fame fighting "obscenity" and Howard Stern, has contacted the NAACP about the comments and Broward Times' reporter Elgin Jones is digging into the matter. Said Jones, "Apparently many of Rose's coworkers who are black women are

upset about this. You know, those words can be hurtful."

No doubt. What an absolutely idiotic thing for an employee of both the Miami Dolphins and NBC to spout off on the radio. Sounds like Rose, a tight end who played for Don Shula's Dolphins and a year for the Rams, has been taking lessons from Al Campanis and Jimmy the Greek.

"He went on and on about how 'redbones' are more attractive than darker women," says Th0mpson, who listened to the show. "To say something stupid and hurtful and dumb like that is unacceptable and I think if [Dolphins owner] Wayne Huizenga knew about it then he would do something about it."

I don't agree often with Thompson (ever?) but this is an instance where I do. The remarks, so far, are based on the memory of those who heard them. No tape has surfaced. Jones has requested a copy from the radio station, as well as comment from the station managers, and has heard nothing back at the time of this writing.

More on this later, I'm sure.

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