Scandalized City Manager of Hallandale Will Run for Cooper City Commission

Talk about your unlikely political comebacks. The Juice has learned that Mike Good, who left his post as Hallandale Beach city manager under a cloud of scandal, plans to run for a commission seat in another city that has had its own share of scandal: Cooper City.

This past May, commissioners claimed they fired Good because he rarely showed up for work. But considering that was his habit for years prior, the real reason was likely Good's contracting of a real estate agent as a city consultant, which was first reported here on the Juice.

That contract appears to have been a violation 

of city ordinance. Good extended it to real estate agent Joe Kessel after Kessel begged Good for help so he could make his mortgage payment.

Cooper City seems like an ideal place for Good to reinvent himself. Mayor Debby Eisinger is mercurial in the same way as Hallandale Mayor Joy Cooper. In Hallandale, Good clashed with the commission maverick, Keith London. In Cooper City, Good is running against the commission maverick, John Sims. The election is in November.

More on this later today.

UPDATE: Looks like the Daily Pulp beat me to the punch. He's got his own post on Good's candidacy, here.

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