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School Board Member Stephanie Kraft Has a History of Shady Deals

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Kraft's defense of the bad land deal led one volunteer for her campaign to question whether Kraft was corrupt. "We elected her because we trusted her," Lauderhill's Rose Leiterman said at the time. "Now I have my doubts. It makes me sad. I'm ashamed of her."

This summer, Kraft again showed her reluctance to protect taxpayers against big business interests when an audit showed that the school district had again been hornswoggled. Auditors found that taxpayers had been ripped off to the tune of $765,000 in a dubious post-Hurricane Wilma deal with AshBritt Inc. Kraft was outraged — but only at the auditors for exposing the situation.

While the School Board's building-boom frenzy continued the past few years, leading to hundreds of millions of dollars wasted and a small city's worth of empty classroom seats, Kraft backed it every step. She also voted for the district to skip conducting a state-required survey that would have shown that the construction wasn't necessary.

Kraft's relationships with Sterling and Prestige Homes are illegal, corrupt, and morally bankrupt. She should do the county a favor and resign now.

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