School Board to Honor Michael Jackson

At today's Broward County School Board meeting, Board Member Phyllis Hope proposed an odd resolution. Let Hope tell you about it:

Really quick, really quick, I am putting a resolution in recognition of Michael Jackson, who we know passed away recently. Hopefully that resolution will reflect Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee's [resolution], which recognizes Michael Jackson as a pop icon in the United States. I am asking for a brief moment of silence in recognition of Mr. Michael Jackson.

It was an awkward moment of silence, and Hope herself seemed to realize it was absurd even as she was asking for it. But a moment of silence was had for the King of Pop and assumedly Hope will get her resolution (though Lee's is stalled in Congress).

I'm no MJ hater, but what business does the School Board have honoring pop stars at all, let alone ones plagued by allegations of child molestation?    

I'm sure Hope thinks this is all part of preserving black culture or some such nonsense. But here's an idea for these clueless politicians: Quit wasting time with idiotic resolutions about pop stars and try to deal with the school district crisis we're facing like adults.  

Lori Parrish: Kraft's Resolution a "Big Mistake"

Speaking of dubious School Board members, how about that Stephanie Kraft? She brought up my Friday post at yesterday's School Board meeting (though she didn't bespoil the occasion by actually naming the Pulp) and sort of tried to debunk it. Nothing she said addressed the facts of the thing, though. It was a bunch of nonsense that included her whining that nobody wanted their kid going "50 miles" to school, which I'm pretty sure isn't even physically possible unless the kid lives out in a swamp. 

Kraft is spinning like a punch-drunk ballerina right now. Her resolution to make draft audit reports secret is particularly ridiculous. Just goes to show that, at the School Board, when the going gets tough, the tough get fascist.   

Ask Broward County Property Appraiser Lori Parrish. In an email exchange with audit committee member Charlotte Greenbarg, Parrish gave the thumbs-down to Kraft's repulsive proposal. Here's what she wrote:

From: Lori Parrish

Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 2009 6:47 PM

To: Charlotte Greenbarg

Subject: Re: Stinging audit provokes response from some Broward School Board members

I changed that policy when I was on the School Board and then changed the County's when I got there. Those Draft audits belong to the board and to the public before they have been sanitized. The auditors believed they worked for the staff so they wanted to please staff. I wanted to know what was going on. This is a big mistake on their parts.


I wonder what Parrish would have to say about Hope's resolution.

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