School Boarder Dinnen Kicking Activist Off Audit Board

The Broward County School Board under federal investigation for rampant corruption and audits repeatedly reveal that taxpayers have been ripped off. So what is School Board member Maureen Dinnen doing about it?

She's kicking one of the best watchdog activists in Broward County off the board's audit committee.

Dinnen's assistant, Denise Usefof, informed district officials this morning that Dinnen will not be reappointing Charlotte Greenbarg to the audit committee, where Greenbarg has fought hard for taxpayers.

This outrageous action by Dinnen is a kick in the teeth to the public, which has watched helplessly as Dinnen and the rest of the derelict board have driven the district into $2 billion in debt and near-bankruptcy while servicing the machine of lobbyists and

school builders at every turn.

Greenbarg, for instance, is someone who has steadfastly defended auditors from attacks by district officials and School Board members who have been upset at their findings. She has been a champion of the AshBritt audit, which showed taxpayers were ripped off of $765,000, while board members like Stephanie Kraft and Bob Parks have attacked the messenger in a brazen attempt to protect the status quo.  

"It would have been nice if she would have given me a call to speak with me," said Greenbarg, who is president of the Broward Coalition. "I've been trying to contact her for two months, and she hasn't called me back. Obviously no one wants to listen to what's going on in the district. It's business as usual -- circle the wagons."

But there is a bright side. Greenbarg says she's going to keep doing her work on the audit committee, only on her own. She's still going to go to the meetings, request records, and keep people informed. "I wouldn't miss it for the world," she said.

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