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Schools Chief Says Broward Pretty Much Colorblind, Tourism Types Fight Over Wet T-shirts

Black History Month is "extra special this year," according to James F. Notter, superintendent of the Broward County public schools. This is true somewhat because of the whole first black president thing but also because it seems all that racism stuff is just about over in Broward County. That's according to Notter's column in the Westside Gazette, in which he writes:

Today, we live in a rainbow society where an individual's color is less and less important in the overall scheme of things. Broward County is arguably the perfect example of how a large diversity of different people can live, work, study, and play together. While we haven't quite gotten to the state of being color blind yet, we seem to have evolved to the point where color matters less and less.

It's important to note that Notter does acknowledge that Broward is "arguably" a "perfect example," meaning that Notter realizes some people would COMPLETELY DISAGREE. I'm trying to think of an example of someone I know who would say Broward County is an example of a color blind society, but the only name that comes to mind is James F. Notter, who, I'm guessing here, does not live in Broward County.

After the jump, celebrate Black History Month with dry-blouse-wearing spring breakers.

Tourism Types Fight Over Whether Tourists' T-Shirts Should Be Wet

Times are so tight in tourist destinations that some are trying to lure spring breakers after years of discouraging them. But not Fort Lauderdale, where the official tourist motto is "The City Where All T-Shirts Are Dry." Nicki Grossman, president of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau, told the New York Times:

"It is no longer the kind of place that college spring break activities really fits. We spent the past 20 years rebuilding, reinventing, recreating. We're not interested in looking back."

The problem is that the Times also spoke to Don Meyer, creator of a website that appears to have been made in 1961 to lure students back to Fort Lauderdale for spring break. Meyer told the paper that local tourism officials secretly want spring breakers:

"They don't like to say it, but now, they'll be happy to take anything."

Meyer's right, of course. But college kids, one sign of a wet t-shirt and the party's over.

New Palm Beach Shop to Help Spring Breakers with Dungaree Needs

Our tourism industry is in the crapper and us working stiffs are living off the free Long John Silvers tartar sauce packets, but not on the island of Palm Beach. The discerning Palm Beach gentlemen can now shop at a men-only Sak's store, which recently opened for all your dungarees and duster needs. Again, spring breakers, don't enter the store with wet blouses.

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