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Schreiber Goes Bye-Bye

Former Broward Public Defender Al Schreiber is leaving for the wild west. Schreiber had a long career that was neither terribly distinguished nor particularly dirty, at least by Broward standards. But he was was a consummate political player and big character who kept a daiquiri machine in his office and knew how to milk the system, ala his very close buddy, Judge Larry Seidlin (remember him?). Here's Al's goodbye letter, which includes an offer to buy a pad in Plantation (hat tip to JAABLog for breaking this snippet of news):

Dear Fellow Lawyers;

I recently bought a second home and will open a law office in January, 2008 in Austin, Texas, where my daughter now lives. I have enjoyed working with all the attorneys and former employees in Broward and admire the work that you all do. Even though the criminal defense work is not highly regarded by the media and is often condemned by the public, I know that what you all do is important and also very noble as well.

The new conflict office is a complete disaster and may never come into fruition. Recently, the Broward Commission refused to provide office space for the conflict office and only three employees have been hired according to the latest report. The legislature totally underfunded the office cannot provide effective assistance of counsel.

I plan to handle a few cases in Broward as well as in Austin. Also, if you or any friend is interested by a 4/3 pool house in Plantation, for sale or rent, call me at 954 993-5433 and I will make you an offer you cannot refuse.

Keep the faith and best wishes,

Alan H Schreiber

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