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Scott Blake, Former Wellington Middle School Principal, Gets Ten Years in Prison in Child Sex Sting

Back in July, we told you about how Polo Park Middle School Principal Scott Blake tried to lure a 15-year-old boy he met on the internet to have sex with him at a hotel.

"I need a boy to cuddle with and take a nap this afternoon," Blake reportedly texted at the boy. "I am [gentle]. But can be aggressive around a naked boy. Lol... I am a daddy -- I don't scare I love my boys. Lol."

Turns out, the 15-year-old boy was actually an undercover cop.

Blake, 47, was soon arrested, and now, he's been sentenced to ten years in prison, plus ten years of probation. Lol.

The Boynton Beach undercover officer who posed as the boy kept communicating with Blake once the two met online.

Via text messages to the officer, Blake expressed his desire to meet up for sex, oral sex, rimming, cuddling, and fulfilling a foot fetish.

Blake told the "boy" he enjoyed watching "father-son porn." The cop asked Blake what he had done with guys he had hooked up with.

"Massage suck rim kiss cuddle fuck play with feet," he reportedly replied.

The officer then sent Blake a photo of a foot, which the principal said he would stare at before texting him: "I would happy to babysit you anytime ;-). Sorry. A bit horny here lol."

Blake then tried to get the "boy" to send more photos while looking to arrange a meet-up.

"Well maybe exchange more pics if you are comfy with that," he texted. "And figure out where we can meet up a few."

According to an affidavit, Blake had expressed his concern about being arrested, so he arranged to meet the "boy" in a parking lot, to be sure he wasn't a cop. Because apparently police aren't allowed to drive around parking lots?

Blake drove his Mercedes C250 around a prearranged location's parking lot. That's where he was met by Boynton Beach police and arrested.

Blake was soon removed from his position as principal by the school and assigned to another position where he wouldn't have contact with students.

At the time of his arrest, Polo Park Middle's website had a Principal's Desk page that included links to information about sexting:

Now if you go there, the page has a GIF of some sleepy cartoon fish wearing graduation caps.

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