Scott-Crist Debate: The Twitterverse Responds to Brutal On-Air Smackdown

Well, that was brutal. Fangate obviously didn't cool down any tempers. Last night, Gov. Rick Scott met challenger Charlie Crist in the final gubernatorial debate. If you plugged into the live feed from Jacksonville, you witnessed the only show outside of the WWE featuring well-tanned and slightly delirious egos pounding each other with metaphoric metal chairs.

Both the current and former governor unloaded full clips of personal attacks, umbrage, and criticism. They bashed each other on backstory, on lifestyle, on who grew up poor and who grew up rich, who was friends with scumbags, who was a scumbag. It was ugly. And ultimately, it didn't move voters much. The latest Quinnipiac poll put both candidates at 44 percent.

The reason, it seems, is that Florida voters are just sick of both Scott and Crist. A dive into tweets from last night's debate illustrates the late-election-season malaise.

Of course, you've got your partisans:

Then some tweeters seemed to use the debate as an occasion to climb on the shrink's couch and let loose some inner demons. User @sexbangme unraveled this confession:

But the disgust -- coming from both sides of the political aisle -- is palpable.

And, well, there's got to be a better way to say that last part there:

In total, you just get the sense that everyone is ready for Election Day to be over already, like, please God, soon.

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Kyle Swenson
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