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Scott Galvin, Openly Gay Councilman, Finds Signs Defaced With Slurs

Scott Galvin, a North Miami councilman, wants an upgrade. He'd like to become the next District 17 congressman, representing sections of north Miami-Dade and south Broward counties.

Last week, about a half-dozen of Galvin's campaign signs were defaced with the spray-painted word FAG.

Galvin, who came out publicly as gay in 2004, wrote on his website, "I am deeply disappointed and disgusted by the hateful and bigoted attacks directed at me and my campaign for Congress."


Michael Kenny, executive director of Florida Together, a gay/lesbian/bisexual advocacy group, notes that Galvin would be the first openly gay representative at the state or federal level.

"It's sickening that narrow-minded people are trying to crush Scott's opportunity to make history with this vandalism," Kenny posted on his group's website. "And it is simply unfair that they are forcing Scott to raise money twice so that he can replace his ruined signs."

So far, just a handful of signs have been defaced, but those signs don't come cheap.

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