Scott Prouty, 47 Percent Cameraman, Pulls In Only $18,000 for Legal Defense Fund

Scott Prouty's rich!

Well, kinda.

Scott Prouty can finally get outta debt!

That's better.

Five days ago, after more than 1,000 articles appeared showing how local man Scott Prouty helped vanquish the Romnoms once and for all with his commando camera skills, he set up a legal fund to battle any lawsuits that come his way. In that time, he's netted $17,586 for saving America.


"After going public, I've received a flood of physical and legal threats in emails and tweets," Prouty told Mother Jones' David Corn, who broke Prouty's 47 percent video. "People have found my address and have shown up at my door. It's possible I may have to move.

"And I've had to contact several lawyers and have incurred legal expenses. I might incur more going forward. I always knew that if I talked about this, I could become a target, and I don't want to be melodramatic, but some of the threats I've received do cause me to be concerned for my safety and that of my loved ones."

(Full disclosure: I was one of the people who found Prouty's address and went to his house. I left Scott what I thought was a downright cheerful and neighborly note.)

The good news? Prouty can finally get out of debt. He owes the IRS almost exactly what he's raised so far. Solvency!

The bad news: This is all he raised? It took Veronica Mars precisely 3.2 seconds to raise $2 million for some movie. But Prouty provides evidence showing Mitt Romney thought half of us were lecherous freeloaders and we reward him with what?

Enough to buy a new Volvo.

Where's our sense of decency? Granted, Prouty doesn't actually face any legal challenges at present, according to his father, Ken Prouty. And he didn't publicize the fund enough. He never mentioned it on any of his television appearances, which shows that -- in an era of self-promotion, social media, and douches -- Prouty may be that rare, decent guy.

Here's the link to his fund again.

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