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Scott Rothstein and Company Really, Really Had a Thing for Hookers

Here's a philosophical question -- how much money could one Ponzi schemer spend on prostitutes every month?

In Scott Rothstein's case, that number's between $50,000 and $60,000 -- unless his politician friends are in town. Then it's more.

Oh, don't forget the condo across the street from RRA that was purchased with the sole function of providing Rothstein and company a place to exercise their use of the hookers. At least, so he says.

Just when we thought the last transcript from Rothstein's deposition had been released, two more came through -- the entire text of two previously redacted transcripts.

We told you last week that the redacted part of the transcript deals with Rothstein naming people he'd provide escorts for -- which it does -- but it also includes some other great material.

Rothstein was asked how much he was spending on prostitutes monthly. He claimed he was giving Stuart Rosenfeldt $5,000 a week to blow on hookers, and some other regular people at RRA around $1,000 a week. And don't forget his friends and business associates.

All in all, Rothstein estimated to be shelling out between $50,000 and $60,000 per month on escorts.

Apparently that was a rough estimate, though.

"It just depends," Rothstein said. "When there were political things in town, more. Big functions, conventions, more. People in town to entertain, more money."

Rothstein name-dropped more than a dozen people he'd put on his prostitute tab, including police officers whom he said "I don't believe I can mention." He was right -- objection from Assistant U.S. Attorney Lawrence LaVecchio.

Rothstein didn't even get around to naming everyone he provided hookers to because there were apparently just too many.

"There were a bunch of others," he said. "If I remember them as I go along, I'll tell you. It was something -- just call it a service we offered."

When asked whether he maintained apartments and hotel rooms for the prostitutes, Rothstein said yes, he and his buddies kept their escorts in "certain places."

For the law firm, though, they got their own spot -- the condo directly across the street from RRA.

"That's where Russ [Adler] and Stu [Rosenfeldt] and me and [David] Boden, we would send a girl up there, and then we'd go up there and do our business and come back to work," Rothstein said.

He also admitted to getting into some sort of "relationship" with a few of the hookers, although his wife caught him "on more than several occasions."

For that full transcript, provided by Conrad & Scherer, click here.

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