Scott Rothstein Coming Back to Fort Lauderdale to Be Questioned by Creditors

Ponzi scheme mastermind Scott Rothstein is coming to Fort Lauderdale, but not for a victory tour in ripping off more than $1 billion in his fraudulent investment plot.

Instead, the creditors who are owed money by Rothstein's now-defunct law firm are going to question him as a witness for getting their money, the Sun-Sentinel reports.

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Raymond Ray made the ruling today to allow Rothstein to be transported to Fort Lauderdale for the questioning, although they haven't announced when or where the questioning is taking place.

Rothstein, who's temporarily slated to serve a 50-year prison sentence, is currently in an unnamed federal penitentiary.

The judge's order limits the number of creditors allowed to question Rothstein and also makes them share the costs involved in the proceedings, according to the Sentinel.

The questioning will be off-limits to both the public and media, but transcripts and video recordings will be made available at some point after the deposition.

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