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Scott Rothstein's Deposition: Facts or Fiction?

There seem to be two distinct interpretations of what's been released thus far from Scott Rothstein's deposition in Miami -- he's either coming forward with a ton of damning information or he's full of crap.

His claims haven't been specific -- especially with objections from the feds over the issues of organized crime, cops, and judges -- but he's made some general statements that carry some substantial weight.

But can you ever trust anything that comes out of the mouth of a guy who lied and cheated his way to a billion bucks?

Both sides of the argument of whether Rothstein is lying have merit -- maybe he realized he's going to die in prison unless he does anything he can to chop a few years off his sentence. That could include telling the truth. Or as an attorney for TD Bank asked Rothstein during the deposition, maybe he's just lying to get what he wants -- again.

Attorney Mark Schnapp went through this process with Rothstein on December 20, getting Rothstein to admit he lied over and over again only to have Rothstein try to claim he's telling the truth now.

"I don't think you become a truthful person all of a sudden," Rothstein said. "I think you make a conscious decision to change, which is what I did. People do change."

Let's hear from you, dear readers -- is Rothstein coming clean or is he full of it?

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