Scott Rothstein's Take-Down Letter

When someone cheap-shotted Fort Lauderdale lawyer Scott Rothstein in a comment on this story, he sent this "take-down" letter alleging the comments were defamatory and written by an imposter pretending to be Ron Cacciatore. You'll remember that Rothstein's political partner, dirty trickster Roger Stone, had designed a negative ad campaign on sheriff's candidate Scott Israel. Cacciatore was deeply involved in Israel's campaign at the time and tension ran very high between him and Rothstein.

SUBJECT: Comment to letter re: Rothstein

LETTER: Dear Sir: Please be advised that the two comments with regard to the article regarding me written by "Ron C" are slanderous and must be removed immediately. As i am certain you are aware, comments regarding an individuals financial integrity, if not substantiated, constitute slander per se. Additionally, they violate your own policy as the person writing is pretending to be Ron Cacciatore, and is not. This same individual has posted slanderous comments on other websites using the same phoney name in an attempt to create an issue between Mr. Cacciatore and myself. All other sites have removed such postings immediately. Please remove the comments immediately. Additionally, please advise immediately, at my office, of the actual identity of the individual that made the comments so that i can proceed accordingly. Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation. Scott W. Rothstein

PERSONAL INFO: Scott W. Rothstein Fort Lauderdale Florida

New Times, for better or worse, took down the comments, but didn't know the identity of the poster. And even if we did, of course we wouldn't have revealed it.

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