Search Warrant Released in A1A Porsche Killings; LeVin to Be Cleared?

Fort Lauderdale Police have released the search warrant in connection with the deaths of two British tourists last month, struck by a white Porsche that was drag-racing on Seabreeze Boulevard. It appears that LeVin and his friend, Derek Cook of Tamarac, switched cars before the accident, the Sun-Sentinel is reporting.

According to the search warrant, LeVin told police he and Cook, 37, had spent the evening at the Solid Gold strip club, 3339 N. Federal Highway, leaving at about 1:30 a.m.

LeVin said he was heading to the Blue Martini bar, 2432 E. Sunrise Blvd., alone in his Porsche when police pulled him over at 2:06 a.m. for a loud exhaust pipe, the warrant states.

LeVin, who was on probation for a high-speed chase in Illinois, said the officer warned him that he could be arrested for the defective tailpipe in the future. Police records verify the traffic stop, according to the search warrant.

To avoid being arrested, LeVin said he called Cook on his cell phone and asked him to meet in the Blue Martini parking lot to trade cars and drive to LeVin's oceanfront condo, the search warrant states. LeVin said Cook took his Porsche while he took Cook's BMW, according to court records.

It gets complicated. Apparently, an unmarked police car saw the pair at a stoplight together, each driving the other's car. Cops pulled over the BMW with LeVin driving, but the Porsche driver got away. Police are looking for Cook to get his DNA and compare it with that found on the airbag of the Porsche.

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