Self-Serving Saturday Edition

Thought I'd post a couple of VVM specials. First, the Village Voice up in New York is up to its ears this week with the old Broward crowd. Yeah, first the newspaper got our editor, Tony Ortega, and now it's snapping up our former reporters and stories (and yes, there just might be a correlation between the two phenomena). Former NTer Julia Reischel leads off the Voice's Queer Issue with her opus, "Queer in the Crib." And current NTer makes a splash with her follow-up on Bruce McMahan, the mega-wealthy money man who married his own long-lost daughter. This one is about McMahan's fifth wife and you can read it here on this website. Gawker picked it up as well.

And if you remember my column on the John Frey (see it here), the poor fellow who went through a nightmare trying to get health care from the taxpayer-assisted North Broward Hospital District, things have turned out well. The district OK'd Frey for free health care just a few days after the story ran.

On top of that, the column prompted a town hall meeting last week that was sponsored by Florida CHAIN. Held at the ArtServe building on Sunrise Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, the panel included state Rep. Elaine Schwartz, past Broward County Medical Association president Arthur Palamara, and state health officials. I was so swamped with work that it was physically impossible for me to make it, but the Pulp commends CHAIN for giving a damn about one of the most important isssues in Broward County and the nation.

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