Senate Contender Wears Magic Jersey, Can't Play Defense

On the right, that's Corrine Brown, the Democratic congresswoman from Jacksonville considering a bid for U.S. Senate against Kendrick Meek. Here at Juice, we're worried she's going to realize it's an absurd idea, then disappear again. So for now, we're going to bask in her relevance. Above, a funny video that lasts about two minutes too long, with Brown trying to argue that her Magic are better than the L.A. Lakers of Congresswoman Maxine Waters. This matchup proved to be roughly as lopsided as the NBA Finals, where the Magic are down 2-0.

And in case Brown officially rules out her candidacy this week. In the 1990s, in an interview with the satirical Spy magazine, Brown was asked what the U.S. should do about the ethnic cleansing in Freedonia, a mythical land invented by the Marx Brothers.

''I think all of these situations are very, very sad,'' Brown said, ''and I just think that we need to take action to assist the people.''

To be fair, Brown was not the only member of Congress to fall for the prank. Anyway, Brown better be careful making hoops a hot topic. Her rival in a possible Senate race can almost dunk a basketball.


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