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Senate Race Update: Rubio Seeks Vaccine for Jets Fans; Crist Approval Numbers Dip; Meek Needs Money

Crazy, charming Marco Rubio -- but you're serious about the Jets vaccine, right? Do NOT toy with us, boy wonder. Anyway, video of his appearance one week ago at the Broward GOP Women's Club, whom he charmed as surely as the Palm Beach Republicans who would give him an overwhelming victory against Charlie Crist in their straw poll two days later.

Seems Rubio's the only one of the three leading senatorial candidates who can afford to have a sense of humor at this stage of the campaign.

A poll released last week by InsiderAdvantage found that Crist's approval rating has dropped to 48 percent, its lowest ever, and there are rumblings of an unreleased Florida Chamber of Commerce poll that shows Republican voters are defecting from Crist into Rubio's camp. If that trend continues, the August 2010 primary will be a whole lot closer than first expected.

Democrats are starting to get anxious about the low fundraising totals of the likely Democratic nominee, Kendrick Meek. Talking Points Memo reports that during this past fundraising quarter, Meek raised less than either Crist or Rubio.

Then again, you have to think that fundraisers are being stingy if only because the Democratic side of this contest is so mild. That campaign money will start flowing in when the race starts to warm up.

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