Sentinel Looking For Help On Cheap

Here's two ads that were just posted on Romenesko. One is for interns, the other for community news reporters, aka entry level folks. The hilarious thing is that they say they are looking for "aggressive and enterprising" reporters for the community positions. What, so they can break them of those unbecoming habits so they can happily work in Weston doing "community roundups." Ugh.

The interns will make $530 a week, which isn't horrible, but I think that's what I was paid to intern at the Cincinnati Enquirer in late 1992.

They are looking for one vet for the business section.

Hey while I'm on the Sentinel, let me take the opportunity to pimp this weekend's National Writers' Workshop, which will be held this weekend at Pier 66 in Fort Lauderdale. Hey, John Grogan will be there to tell you how you can make enough monety to get out journalism forever by writing about your dog!

[On the news front, there looks to be a mystery at sea brewing -- this could get extremely interesting.]


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