Sentinel Shows Morality With Erin Andrews Peephole Video Story

The headline for the most popular story on the Sun-Sentinel site reads "Some sicko actually videotaped a naked Erin Andrews through a peephole." It's about a viral (apparently literally in some cases) of the ESPN sideline commentator and world-class hottie naked in her hotel room. Shot through a keyhole. That's sounds like some pretty high-tech privacy invasion, like a CIA-level peeping tom.

Well, I find the whole thing to be absolutely sick. Disgusting, repulsive, absolutely offensive, and outrageous. And I'm very happy to report that the video has been taken down from the web. I know because I looked for it. For like a half an hour. (Look, I'm a journalist, and that means, as traumatic is it might be, I have to verify these things with my own eyes. I make these kinds of sacrifices every day, people.) Anyway, here's the picture the Sentinel ran with its story, which happens to be one of the most curvaceous shots of Andrews available anywhere. But don't focus on that part of it! Only a sicko would do that.

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Bob Norman
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