Seriously, Dahmer Did It

Local true crime author Arthur Jay Harris tells me that ABC Primetime is going to break "amazing" new information about the Hollywood murder of little Adam Walsh tomorrow night, with the prime source being Harris, who has painstakingly been investigating the famous murder for years. While Adam's famous father, America's Most Wanted host John Walsh, lashed out at Harris's theory that serial cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer killed Adam, the Pulp always found it fascinating and credible. Read "Dahmer Did It" for a primer on the case.

After the jump: Site Sizes Up Marlins' Chances

Want to see the Marlins' chance of making the playoffs? Here's a site called SportsClubStats that guages the chances for all the teams. Right now the site's creator, Ken Roberts, claims that the Fish have a .7 percent chance of getting into the postseason and that the team is going to have to go 35-9 in remaining games to have a better-than-not chance. Personally I would put the odds at a slightly better 20-1 (and only because the team has two superstars in Miguel and Hanley).

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