Seven Haikus About Chad Henne

Now that Chad Henne has twice dusted the rival Jets this year and revived what looked like an atrocious season, sports outlets all over South Florida are discussing the man. They debate his arm strength, his ability to lead a team, his fit in this offense, his Marino-ness. Some have crowned him the franchise savior.

Most sensible sports writers would tell you they wouldn't want to judge him so early. They wouldn't want to wax poetic on the work of such a young player, no matter how impressive his wins might seem.

Not here though. Waxing poetic sounds just fine to us. So, in honor of number seven in aqua and orange, seven haikus about Chad Henne:


Mountain of a man
stand tall in the pocket Chad
don't throw it to Ginn

Forget Ann Arbor
surpress your Wolverine now
you've got bigger goals

The Tuna likes you
Dolphins fans need you to win
no time for mistakes

Ride that wildcat down
the field, with Ronnie, Ricky,
Bess, and all the rest

Other Chad's shoulder
torn asunder yet again
be brave, Chad Henne

Your path has been set
the course looks so pure and true
time is upon us

Arm of quick, cold steel
lead us. Seriously though,
don't throw it to Ginn.

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