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Seven-Year-Old Starts Charitable Group, Kids Can

“Can all kids do the things that I can do?” 

It was a simple enough question Logan Bratter had for his mom on a drive home from violin practice: Could other kids get to enjoy the after-school things that made him so happy? 

No, said his mom, Rebecca — "not all kids can enjoy after-school activities you get to pick from, because they cost money – money that many families just do not have." He was lucky — some kids just didn't have it so good. 

Most kids Logan's age, then 7, would have brushed it off and continued about their day — but not Logan. Not long after having a talk with his parents, Logan and his little brother, Max, had come up with the idea of Kids Can — a for-kids, by-kids organization that shows that kids can make a difference in their community, even at a young age. These kids have grouped together to lend a helping hand to other kids, showing you're never too little to have a big heart. 

Rebecca Bratter tells New Times that Kids Can is teaming with Feeding South Florida this weekend to make sure no kid goes to school hungry. Kids Can is holding an event this Saturday, September 19, in Pembroke Park, where they hope to stuff more than 4,000 backpacks full of weekend meals for less-fortunate kids. The 4,000 stuffed backpacks would mean a total of 24,000 meals would be donated to children in the community. 

Kids Can also is asking everyone to join its "Just a Quarter" campaign in which families are urged to collect quarters and donate them to the Kids Can cause. According to Logan — that's all it takes to make the difference in a kid's morning: “All you have to do is collect quarters from around your house, your car, or your office, and with each quarter, Kids Can will buy a kid in need a healthy breakfast!”

Says Rebecca, "People can come out on Saturday and also collect quarters. We are trying to supply breakfast supplies to Feeding South Florida for the rest of the year, which means packing 4,000 backpacks per month for the rest of the year."

To RSVP for the event, email Kids Can at [email protected] The website is
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