Sex Offender Convicted of Stabbing Father to Death Through His Eyes Gets Life in Prison

Kendrick Herring -- the 28-year-old murderer/sex offender convicted earlier this month in the killing of his father -- was sentenced today to life in prison.

Herring, a Miramar resident, was convicted on August 2 of first-degree murder after stabbing his 51-year-old father to death through his eyes in their home in 2007.

Herring's lawyers argued the killing was due to insanity, while prosecutors maintained the murder was drug-fueled. His conviction warranted a mandatory life sentence in prison, which was handed down to him today.

His father's ex-wife had planned to bring him dinner that night in August 2007, but couldn't get in contact with him.

The ex-wife called police, and she, along with her other son, went with the cops over to Herring's house to find out where he was.

Herring reportedly opened the door, saw the cops, and immediately shut the door.

That's when Herring's brother opened the door and ran into the house, where he found his father's body on the floor. Meanwhile, Herring ran out of the house but was arrested shortly thereafter by police.

During the trial, Herring admitted to striking his father, apparently out of anger, then stabbing him through the eyes until he died.

Florida Department of Corrections records show Herring was convicted of sexual battery and false imprisonment in 2003 and was sentenced to five years of sex-offender probation.

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