Sex Offender Who Was Once Confined to a Bench Now Back in Prison

Last year, we brought you the case of Ronald Murphy, a convicted sex offender who, for nearly two months, was legally confined to a bench outside of his parole officer's building in Delray Beach. In 1998, Murphy was convicted of raping a woman on, of all places, a park bench.

He was released in 2005 but violated his probation by removing his ankle bracelet. When he was released again in 2009 and unable to find housing that fit the strict statutory restrictions, he agreed to spend every night on the bench.

Then in late October, he was off the bench, living near his adult son in Broward.

Now we learn that Murphy is

back behind bars. He's been at the Moore Haven Correctional Facility (a medium-security prison) since the end of last year.

It's not clear yet what, exactly, led to Murphy's most recent lockup, and calls to his parole officer were not returned. His new release date is listed as "to be set," meaning some sort of review of his case is pending.

More information on this case coming as it unfolds.

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