Shades of Buchanan

Tim Chapman/Miami Herald

Kathleen McGrory goes Edna in this Miami Herald story about a car crashing through a bakery. Her lede:

"Cigarettes saved Betty Conley's life this morning."

You can't not read on. And it's worth it, since McGrory describes a rather surreal, almost Lynchian scene: -------------------------------------- Police and witnesses said the truck came barreling through the gas-pumping area about 9:30 a.m. and rammed into the wall of the restaurant, ending up in the kitchen.

''He was coming so fast you'd have thought the police were behind him,'' said Joyce Brinson, who was pumping gas.

The four occupants staggered out of the pickup. The two little girls in matching pink dresses were

holding their heads, which were bloody. The woman was doubled over, clutching her chest, witnesses said.

The man told witnesses his brakes had failed.

Roger Johnson, a pedestrian who saw the accident and rushed to assist, recalled: ''I said stay right here -- you can't leave. But they just kept walking. The guy said he had to bring the girls to the baby sitter.''

They took off down Northwest 55th Terrace, leaving behind the truck, which bore lettering that said, ''E&S Plastering Inc.''

Police located the woman and one of the girls but were still looking for the man and the other girl. ------------------------------------------------

And speaking of cars vs. buildings, Sofia V. Santana (isn't that a new V, btw?) writes in the Sun-Sentinel about an 80-year-old woman fulfilling the secret fantasies of millions: Crashing into the DMV.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.