Shadow Blog Attacks PB Post's Page2Live

It sorta looks like Page2Live.com, what with the black background and neon links, only this blog calls itself Page2Lie, an unsubtle jab at the journalistic integrity of Page2Live's Jose Lambiet, who's renamed Josey Lambchop for the purposes of satire.

I sent an email to the site operator, but he or she didn't immediately respond. Nor did Lambiet immediately return a note for comment. And based on the text on the site, it's not quite clear who the society columnist pissed off, just that he did a mighty thorough job of it:

[H]ere's to the bozo journalists that seem to make sh*t up as they go along. Just remember, "no good deed goes unpunished." Just try to help a columnist with some truth. You'll find that you'll go out for a paper in the morning and you'll be in it in the afternoon. It's totally insane that we get paid to write this crap. Stay tuned for more unreal lies and juicy misquotes. Josey Lambchop

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