Shark Bites Boy Off Coast of Volusia County

Memorial Day is all about relaxing, hitting up the beach, and grabbing some food.

It is for sharks, anyway.

According to reports, a shark bit a boy swimming in Ormond Beach in Volusia County on Memorial Day.

The boy, 11, was swimming near the Maverick Hotel, which is along the 400 block of U.S. Highway A1A, when he was bitten.

He was taken to a local hospital by the parents, according to Volusia County Beach Safety Ocean Rescue.

The injuries are said not to be serious.

Memorial Day seems like a good time for a shark to satisfy a hankerin' for some people.

This is the time of year sharks swim up the Florida peninsula in droves as the ocean's temperatures get warmer and warmer up the east coast. Sharks migrate towards the warm waters so that can hang out and make babies.

Coincidentally, it's also the time of year humans start hitting the beaches, pretty much for the same reasons.

Experts have pointed out that this is the time of year to exercise common sense and good judgement if you're going to go swimming in the ocean. They say to make sure you go out in groups, don't go out too deep, don't go swimming at dusk (that's dinner time!), and don't make sudden splashes in the water (that's like ringing the dinner bell).

The 11-year old boy is expected to be fine. The shark had a nice Memorial Day, though.

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