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Shark Bites Woman in Two Feet of Water Off Ormond Beach

Apparently we're that much closer to sharks just walking onto the beach and biting us now.

A woman was bitten by a shark in just two feet of water in Ormond Beach over the weekend.

She had to be hospitalized with a gash on her foot. According to reports, the woman was visiting from the Netherlands.

The Dutch are crazy-delicious!

The 45-year-old was able to walk out of the water on her own power and was treated by lifeguards on shore before paramedics arrived.

According to the Beach Patrol, the likeliest reason there was a shark in such shallow water on the beach was because of a ton of schooling fish swimming in the area.

In fact, this is now the second shark attack in two weeks at the same spot on this beach, which is located just south of the Granada entrance.

There are also dangerous riptides that have been affecting the area.

But swimmers need to be aware that the large number of fish at this beach is bringing the sharks. And they will eat. If they have to take out a toe in the process, them's the breaks.

"There was a lot of schooling fish, literally as soon as the comes in they're just going through", said Bill Houston who was visiting from Ocala. "There was a lot of schooling fish. I'd say that probably has a lot to do with them coming closer."

The woman, whose name is not being released, had a six-inch gash on her foot that needed stitches. She is reportedly in stable condition.

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