Shatara K. Shatara, Off-Duty PBSO Deputy Who Shot Son, Faced Several Off-Duty Complaints

Deputy Shatara K. Shatara shot and killed his 21-year-old son, Khamis, in his Delray Beach apartment last Christmas Eve. Other than that, not much is known about the shooter or the investigation, which is being conducted by the Delray Beach Police Department. But Deputy Shatara's personnel file reveals he had several complaints filed in 2011 that had some sort of combination involving drinking and his patrol car.

The most interesting of these complaints came on June 4, when Boynton Beach Police officers were investigating a "shots fired" incident at the residence of an acquaintance of Shatara's, according to PBSO files. When the Boynton Beach officers arrived, Shatara allegedly fled the scene in his PBSO vehicle without speaking to them.

The complaint continues: "It is also alleged Deputy Shatara previously consumed unknown alcoholic beverages and then drove his assigned PBSO patrol vehicle while impaired."

However, investigators found the complaint was unsubstantiated, and no disciplinary action was handed down. That wasn't the case for the other 2011 complaints. See also: Off-Duty PBSO Deputy Shoots and Kills Own Son on Christmas Eve

Earlier in the year, on January 21, Shatara drove his marked vehicle to the now-closed Home Run Sports Bar in Lake Worth. Somebody must have ratted out Shatara, because one week later, he was written up by his division commander for improper conduct by "exhibiting poor judgment and creating a circumstance that might result in public criticism."

Shatara was given "educational counseling," according to the report, and lost his vehicle for 30 days.

On May 3, 2011, Shatara was letting loose at the Ocean Inlet Park, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes with his PBSO vehicle in tow.

According to the complaint, which was reported by Palm Beach County Ocean Rescue Lt. Brian McManus, Shatara "consumed alcoholic beverage (beer) at the Ocean Inlet Park while off-duty, littered by throwing empty beer bottles into a protected sand dune, and was rude and sarcastic to lifeguards working in the tower. Lastly, Mr. McManus alleges Deputy Shatara was smoking cigarettes inside a PBSO-marked vehicle prior to exiting the park's parking lot."

The allegations were sustained by PBSO, which found that Shatara committed three violations: Standard of Conduct, Non-Criminal Violations, and Use of Tobacco. Shatara was suspended for an undisclosed amount of time and had his vehicle taken away for 60 days.

Although 2011 was definitely a bad year for Shatara, he appears to have no incidents since then, according to records released by PBSO. Before 2011, his complaint file from four years with PBSO has only two incidents.

On July 6, 2009, Shatara was named in a complaint that alleged his partner, Deputy John Orozco, unnecessarily pulled a gun on a man during a traffic stop. And on June 3, 2010, Shatara and partner Matthew Martel were accused of neglecting their duties by "loafing."

Both incidents were found to be unsubstantiated.

Shatara joined PBSO in 2006. Before that, he was a member of the Belle Glade Police Department. His record there could not be obtained at the time of writing.

Deputy Shatara is currently on paid administrative leave for the December 24, 2014, shooting of his son. The incident is being investigated by the Delray Beach Police Department, which has released few details.

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