Sheriff Grandstanding On Public's Dime?

All things considered, Sheriff Al Lamberti doesn't seem so bad. He's a career law enforcement guy, pretty understated, and, while he was a faithful underling to disgraced predecessor and reformed farmer Ken Jenne, the rank and file seems to respect him.

But all bets are off now that he's a politician running for office -- and he's already straddling the ethical line in a way that might even make the huge political whore Jenne blush.

My household in Plantation recently received a notice from the sheriff's office regarding a meeting about sexual offenders that is occurring tonight. It begins:

"On behalf of Sheriff Al Lamberti ... [the BSO] would like to invite you to attend a Sexual Predator Community Notification Meeting."

Under the information, is a bold italicized headline: "Presentation by Sheriff Al Lamberti."

Way to get your name on there twice, Al -- and just in time for the election too! Yes, Lamberti has chosen a rather opportunistic time to crusade against the bane of all good neighborhoods, the pervert. And to think all the other candidates vying for the sheriff's job have to actually pay for their campaign material. I wonder how many more of these meetings/campaign events Lamberti will be doing throughout the county to introduce himself to the voters?

But of course it's all in the name of protecting our children. What a guy.

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