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Sheriff: Son Didn't See the Super Bowl Game

Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti addressed the Super Bowl issue, telling the Sun-Sentinel (you know who) that his son accompanied him to the big game but that he was working and that neither saw the game, except on TV, and that they spent almost the entire game outside the stadium overseeing BSO security of the game.

It's a belated explanation, but I'll take it.

Did Lamberti use poor judgment in taking his son to last year's big game? Absolutely. Security at the Super Bowl is serious business, especially considering potential terrorist threats. It's not a place for untrained kids, especially if something serious would have happened. Imagine if all the security heads -- at the FBI, ATF, Miami-Dade PD, Homeland Security, etc. -- brought their kids along. The Super Bowl detail would have seemed a ridiculously unprofessional farce.

Were official documents falsified to get his son into the game? Technically, yes. Simply by putting his son on the credentials list as a BSO employee with a bogus ID number establishes that. 

Lamberti's 16-year-old son was listed as a member of the rather elite unit there to protect the Indianapolis Colts. But if we are to believe Lamberti (and I do) that father and son didn't take advantage of that rarefied access and spent almost the entire game outside the stadium where the sheriff worked and the boy observed, then it's time to put this issue to rest. 

It is what it is, as they say, and its 15 minutes were up a while back. Hopefully some lessons were learned. 

-- Inside, read Deerfield Beach activist Chaz Stevens' email to Sylvia Poitier (and copied to ASA Tim Donnelly and several members of the media). Normally I don't report Stevens' vindictive ramblings, but this one I think exemplifies the Chaz problem very well. Click through to read, but I warn you that, if you are human, it will leave you feeling uneasy.


Here's the email, which had the subject line "Ghost of Christmas Future":

Dear Commissioner Sylvia Poitier;

Greetings from New York City.  

News of your upcoming demise has even reached the Big Apple. Oddly enough, I seemed to be more clued in than you on your near term future.  (Hint: it's bleak).  

As I love to bring tidings of joy, let me share this:

You are about to get your ass seriously handed to you. 

So go right ahead, continue walking around town as if nothing is wrong... Again I have to ask... Are you tripping balls?  Your actions remind me of a chicken with it's mouth open upturned towards the rain. However this time, you won't have that nitwit Mike Mahahey there to provide you with FastCAP cover.  

Keep in mind that since the charges (note: plural) against you will be of a felony corruption nature, the city's prepaid legal defense policy won't apply. As Mr. Maurodis is too nice of a guy to say these words, allow me to speak for him. You, like Mayor Capellini, can take a flying leap...

One final question. Are you still using that lawyer on the 5th floor over at 1600 S. Dixie Highway in Boca?



This makes me want to do something I never thought I would: Root for Poitier.

Here's a lesson for Stevens to learn: Activism, like journalism and blogging, should never be personal. Nor wildly vindictive or malignant. Nor creepy, weird, or seemingly unhinged.

Joy in justice is sublime, but joy in someone's personal destruction is disgraceful. You discredit only yourself with this kind of thing, Chaz. It's not OK. Please stop.

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