Sick of Suffering Through Long DMV Lines? Here's Hoping 'Pit Bosses' Are the Solution

Finally, a bit of justice for all those times you've stood in line at the DMV wondering why employee breaks occur simultaneously; why lunch hours last longer than 60 minutes; and why no single employee can assist more than two ticket-holders back to back.

If you've recently been to one of Broward County's eight DMV offices lately, chances are you've spent over 30 minutes waiting in line. Things are worse in Palm Beach County, where it can take up to four hours to get a driver's license from the Tax Collector's office.

There may be a solution: The DMV is now using "pit bosses" to keep things moving. It's a new tactic implemented by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, which

launched its "customer service initiative" in Miami-Dade County last year.

With the implementation of pit-bosses, waiting times at Miami-Dade DMV offices have dropped by more than 15 minutes - while the time a Broward customer wait time has grown.

According to the DMV, the best way to cut down on wait times: come prepared. Having the proper documentation is always important.

Not sure what to bring? Visit the newly redesigned state website for details. 

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