Sid Rosenberg Might Plead Guilty, According to Report

Radio sports talk guy Sid Rosenberg might plead guilty to DUI -- although he doesn't want to.

Last April, Rosenberg was pulled over by cops as he was going home from Tootsie's Cabaret. Police pulled him over mainly because his car was stopped in the middle of the road and other drivers had to swerve around him.

This led to Rosenberg allegedly falling into a fetal position behind his car and trying to make himself puke on the side of the road to get the booze out of his system, which, in theory, seems like a pretty good idea.

Unfortunately, Rosenberg's master plan was foiled by the fact that he had slurred speech and smelled like booze. Also because throwing up doesn't work.

He was arrested and then suspended from WQAM and then eventually fired from the station.

Rosenberg is due in court Friday and, according to Gossip Extra, he wants to fight the charges and go to trial.

His attorney is advising against that because, well, he was found sloshed, in the middle of the road, in a fetal position.

The report says Rosenberg and his attorney are debating which way to go, although the attorney really should listen to his client because, if we've learned anything from Rosenberg over the years -- other than that he likes to name-drop Don Imus over and over again -- it's that he has excellent judgment.

You can now listen to Rosenberg talk about the New York Giants all the time on South Florida radio station WMEN-640.

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