Siren Call: You're Attracted to a Lady in Uniform; She's Attracted to Drunk Drivers

For single men who go to singles bars, then drink till they're charming: Opportunity knocks on the streets of Boynton Beach.

Actually, that's not a knock so much as a... police siren? Those flashing lights must mean this one wants it bad. Was it your tricked-out car? Your deafening taste in music? Or the elegant slalom you traced between the lanes of Boynton Beach Boulevard?

Whatever it was, she's now leaning against your car and reaching for the handcuffs, the naughty minx. Here's the backseat of her car. This is exactly like that Lil Wayne song.

And so it's with great regret that I must kill the mood by revealing to you poor, lonely, drunken fools that this encounter means you're getting unlucky. The image above comes with this sobering Boynton Beach Police Department press release:

In an effort to curb drinking and driving this holiday season, the BBPD has teamed up with Mother's Against Drunk Driving to produce 10,000 glossy postcards that are currently being distributed to every restaurant, bar and store in the city that serves or sells alcohol.

Female officers from the BBPD will be conducting a saturation patrol looking for people driving under the influence in the city from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m., on Wednesday, November 25, 2009.

"The whole idea behind this is that you don't want to meet our ladies because it's not going to be a good time," said DUI Officer Patrick Monteith. "Our goal is to get people talking about this campaign, to get them to make that conscious decision not to drink and drive, to save their life and the lives of those who might be sharing the road with them that night."

The campaign is sponsored by the Jessica Johnson Kirkpatrick Memorial. The 19-year-old girl was killed by a drunken driver in February 2005 in Orlando. Her parents, Barbara and Steve Kirkpatrick, are victim advocates and serve on the leadership committee of the Palm Beach County chapter of MADD.

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