Sixth Dismembered Cat Found on Golf Course -- This Time, it Was a Head on the 14th Fairway

After finding a cat's head on the 14th fairway of the Port Charlotte Golf Club -- the sixth dismembered feline found on the course since October -- the cops are going public in their search for the serial mutilator.

According to the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office, it received a call around 8 a.m. Thursday about the groundskeepers at the golf course finding the head of a cat on the 14th fairway.

That marked the sixth dismembered cat found on the golf course since one was discovered on the same fairway in early October.

The sheriff's office says the first cat was found decapitated with its legs and tail cut off on the 14th fairway in early October.

Toward the end of that month, the second dead cat was found. That one was discovered on the cart path near the green of the first hole and had a cut from its throat to its belly, exposing its organs.

Neither of those was reported to the CCSO, and both of those cat carcasses were disposed of.

On October 30, the sheriff's office was called after a cat's legs were found in the middle of the fairway on the first hole. Those legs may have belonged to the cat found without legs or a tail from earlier in the month, but the sheriff's office says it's not sure on that.

On November 17, a fourth set of cat remains was found between the second and fifth fairways; that cat had also been cut from its throat to its belly, exposing its organs.

November 29 rolled around, at which point the course's general manager called the cops to report cat number five -- six feet of cat intestines stretched out on the left side of the 14th fairway, about 100 feet from the green.

Around 8 a.m. Thursday, the sheriff's office found the most recent dismembered cat -- when the groundskeepers found a cat's head on the 14th fairway.

The CCSO says there was no blood found at any of the scenes, leading them to believe the cats were killed somewhere else, then placed on the golf course.

The sheriff's office asks that you call them up if you know anything about the partial cats found at the Port Charlotte Golf Club.

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