Skeletons in Mara's Closet (Or Backyard)

A friend just pointed out what he called the quote of the month. I say it might be the quote of the year in local politics. It appears in Todd Wright's story in the Miami Herald about a contentious Hollywood Commission meeting and it comes from the mouth of Commissioner Cathy Anderson. Here's the key passage:

"Mayor Mara Giulianti took exception to that in a heated exchange with Anderson, referring to a ''mean spirit'' on the commission.

Anderson, the lone vote against the deal, responded by pointing her finger in the mayor's face and threatening to support Commissioner Peter Bober in his bid to unseat Giulianti next year.

'Don't forget, I know where all your bones are buried,' Anderson said, her face beet red."

So Cathy, you know where all of Giulianti's bones are buried? Do tell (the state attorney, preferably).

After the jump: People Cuts Its People

This just in from the New York Times, via Romenesko. One of the bureau's the magazine cut is in Miami. I'm not big fan of People mag, but that's bad news.

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