You might need a shower after reading this.
You might need a shower after reading this.
Sky magazine

Sky Magazine Gives 32-Page Wet Kiss to Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County, we hardly knew ye. Mesmerized by the hundreds of empty condos, parade of jail-bird politicians, foreclosure crisis, and pill mills, we've overlooked your many charms.

Thankfully, Delta's Sky magazine dedicated 32 glorious pages to extolling your virtues in this month's issue.

The article trumpets the area's "coveted colleges and universities" -- screw you, U.S News & World Report rankings! -- and "connections to potential capital at every turn" -- gracias, Mr. Madoff.

There are glowing interviews with West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel, real estate mogul/ Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, and even the beloved Burt Reynolds. There's a lot of hopeful talk about aviation, engineering, and biomedical research. Plenty of bright, cheery charts and graphs back up the breathy boosterism.

Perhaps the greatest quote, however, is the one highlighted on the first page of the story: "You'll never find a more eclectic -- and incredibly effective -- economy than Palm Beach County."

Why, thank you, Sky. That totally explains the 11.7 percent unemployment rate.


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