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Smear Tweets 2010: Cheap Shots at Our Future Governor, Whoever that May Be

​Florida is stuck in a gubernatorial election rut, and voters on Twitter have been spewing their frustrations all day, making us question which is more severe: mud-slinging campaign ads or social networking rants. Regardless of which is more extreme, both are decently provocative and mindlessly entertaining -- but very concerning at the core. 

Mud-slinging campaign ads raise fears about candidates' ethics, but in addition to escalating those concerns, smear tweets also raise red flags about the voting public -- who are we and what are we thinking? The following is the story told by smear tweets towards our future governor and gubernatorial loser -- as for who's who? We'll see. 

First, Republican candidate, Rick Scott: 

Rick Scott took a major hit in a Mother Jones article published today. Live link here. It already went bat-shit crazy viral.

But maybe a slogan is just pointless propaganda. After all, some people just cut to the chase and check the ultimate source for unbiased unadulterated information.

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