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Snitches Turn in Kids Who TP'd Madoff's Place, Bogus Purses Go Unmatched With Shoes

The mystery of who toiled papered Bernie Madoff's Palm Beach home has been solved. Two teenagers from Michigan have been fingered as the TP culprits. The kids apparently bragged to

their friends after they got back from vacation, which then tipped off the Palm Beach police, according to this story in the Detroit News.

Now I'm all for witnesses going to the cops in the unlikely event of a shooting, stabbing, or an airplane landing at sea. But ratting on your buddies for toilet papering the home of a dude who stole their trust funds? It's a sad state when kids from a Detroit suburb haven't learned anything from hip-hop about the need to Stop Snitchin'.

After the jump, the newest way to conceal your toilet paper in Palm Beach is in counterfeit purses!

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