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Snow in Florida? Forecasters Issue Winter Storm Warning

We tried to warn you people! Now it may be too late! The Snowpocalypse is headed straight for us, and forecasters are saying that Florida might get pelted with ice, sleet and maybe even snow.

The National Weather Service issued a Winter Storm Warning for northern Florida, particularly the panhandle and areas around the big bend from Tuesday night through Wednesday afternoon.

This means a wintry mix of freezing rain and sleet is likely to hit the Sunshine State in the next two days. SNOW ANGELS ON THE BEACH!

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According to AccuWeather, a polar blast is currently hitting the East and Southern parts of the U.S. That blast is headed RIGHT FOR US.

This means that high temperatures are forecast to be in the 30s in Pensacola area. The chill will start to arrive late Tuesday, like an unstoppable rebel force.

Meanwhile, moisture coming in from the Gulf will fist bump the cold air and become total bros with it and then the two will create some sleet in parts like Jacksonville.

Of course, this is still Florida, so things aren't expected to be as bad as, say, places like Texas or Georgia, who are expected to get slammed in the face with weather that could force road closures and school cancellations.

Still, snow of any kind in Florida is always, while pretty neat, also a large pain in your ass.

The sleet is expected to turn into freezing rain, which could cause problems on the roads and even cause power outages, which would suck.

Snow in Florida, while rare, isn't a strange phenomenon either. Since 2000, there have been thirteen reported cases of snowfall in our state.

The last time it snowed in Florida? Just the other day.

Before that, the last time snowfall was reported was on January 9, 2011, in Pensacola.

For this oncoming storm, the Florida Division of Emergency Management is urging residents and visitors in the Panhandle and Big Bend areas to remain vigilant, which sounds like people there should be looking for snow attacking them from behind a bush and pelting them with a sock full of pennies, but probably just means to just be careful when driving.

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