Soccer Star From Boca Ousted From Match Following Headbutt

UPDATE: Youtube's taken down the video above, and we couldn't immediately find a new one. When we locate it, we'll update this post. Jozy Altidore, the Boca-born son of Haitian parents, is one of America's best soccer players, but an ugly scene during an English Premier League match on Saturday was a major setback if he ever hopes to be an ambassador of the sport.

The 20-year-old forward for Hull City was angry at a Sunderland player, Alan Hutton, for throwing a ball at Altidore's back. The headbutt by Altidore cut Hutton's eye and broke his nose. Both players were given a red card. It means the end of the season for Altidore. To his credit, he didn't try pretending that the headbutt was accidental; instead he issued what appears to be a sincere apology.


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