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Software and Electronic Art Symposium Comes to Fort Lauderdale This Friday, March 14

Broward isn't known as a tech hub, let alone for having a digital arts scene. 3-D-printed designer jewelry? Digital art masterpieces in BroCo? Not really.

But the folks over at Coral Springs Museum of Art want to change that.

The museum plans to open a high-tech digital arts lab. Imagine a workspace equipped with the latest in software arts and digital tools -- tools that would make any geek drool. Want to project visuals you coded? At this lab, that can happen.

The launch date and permanent address are still uncertain, but the James L. Knight Foundation awarded the suburban museum $50,000 to support the initiative. The lab is intended to serve as a working space and educational center. Artist residencies are part of the plans.

To be sure the museum is on the forefront of tech art, it partnered with New York-based Leaders in Software and Art (LISA.) This organization holds monthly talks in New York and supports digital artists.

On Friday, the museum and LISA are hosting a symposium in Fort Lauderdale. Artists from the tech art scene are flying in from New York to give lectures and demonstrations.

The daylong event will take place in Fort Lauderdale at ArtServe. Topics will include 3-D animation, interactive art, electronic sculpture, and technology in public art.

The symposium is for artists and cultural organizations that might want to get in on the techy train. Ticket prices are a bit steep at $40 at the door, but the museum's executive director Bryan Knicely argues that the cover charge is modest. "The same conference in NYC last fall was $500 per person," he says.

The Software and Electronic Art Symposium runs from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Friday, March 14, at ArtServe. Call 954-340-5000, or email [email protected] Tickets cost $25 in advance, $40 at the door, and $50 to attend a mixer.

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